Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I haven't blogged in ages!  Too much has happened.  My brother got married.  That was an awesome time!  We are so excitied to have Lacey as a part of the family!  We went camping at Caprock Canyon with our friends the Meltons.  We hiked, cooked out, and swam at the lake.  We ran into quite a few creatures on our trip.  The first nite a freindly skunk paid us a visit and helped himself to some Chips and Hot Dog buns.  We heard some coyotes that were pretty close to our camp.  We saw lots of lizards and the boys had a grand ole time catching grasshoppers.  We even saw a couple of trantulas.   We had a great time.

It is coming that time of year again when we are trying to get organized for the new school year.  It seems like we didn't really get a break this year.  we got started late last year due to the sweet addition of the Cupcake!  Since she wasn't born until September 18th, we didn't get started til October, so we schooled for most of June.  I'm a little nervous about the upcoming year.  Teaching two children will definitly be a new challenge, but I think with lots of organization, I can do it!  I figure it will just take us a little more time to get through it all. 

Anna Kate is growing like crazy.  I couldn't beleive it a few days ago I was searching online for first birthday cake ideas.  It went by so quick!  Time to start thinking about the next little baby, *wink,wink.  She has started trying crawling on all fours now instead of the army crawl.  She is also pulling up on the furniture.  I think she'll have a fearless streak like her brother, Noah.  She tried to go over everything in her way, no going around for this girl, its over the top! 

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